Black Girls RUN! Chicago…Literally!

It’s here…

It’s official…

It’s about to go down!

A great organization that has inspired thousands of Black women to tackle and engage in fitness and wellness through running has just launched running groups around the country! Yup! And they may be in your city!

Black Girls RUN!”  has been at it since 2009 and they’re vision is one that I share and am VERY passionate about :

Black girls run? Of course we do. In 2009, Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks created Black Girls RUN! in an effort to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African-American community and provide encouragement and resources to both new and veteran runners.  The mission of Black Girls RUN! is to encourage African-American women to make fitness and healthy living a priority. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 80% of African-American women are overweight. BGR! wants to create a movement to lower that percentage and subsequently, lower the number of women with chronic diseases associated with an unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle.


And so….with great humility and honor, I (along with 2 other great young ladies) have taken on the role of the Ambassador for the Black Girls RUN! Chicago running group! (Whoohooo!) I’m so excited, I could scream! Starting and building a running group where runners can come and feel supported, learn about running, train for a race, and where ALL ability levels are welcomed has been one of my dreams for a long time and it has finally arrived through this awesome opportunity! And by now you know…I’m addicted to running, so this will only be motivation for me to continue, but to also get so many others involved in taking action over their health. I can’t wait!

Now…if you’re in Chicago, check out the Black Girls RUN! Chicago Facebook group and join! We will be posting all new information, questions, announcements, etc. there. If you’re not on Facebook, send me an email at and I’ll add you to our list so that you can be posted on our runs as well!

If you’re NOT in Chicago, go to the Black Girls RUN! website and click on “Running Groups” there is a list of ALL the running groups that have launched around the country and see if your city is listed. If it isn’t, send Toni and Ashley and email about starting a group in your city.

Whew! So….Chicago? Are you ready to RUN?

Be Renewed!

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