Barefoot Shoes

Which Barefoot Shoes to Choose For Fitness and Cross-Training

With the advent of barefoot shoes many people have started wearing them for a variety of physical fitness activities such as running, weight lifting, dancing and walking. Having a good pair of fitness shoes is the most essential aspect of any cardio exercise regimen. You actually need a particular pair of shoes for a specific physical workout, to help prevent any injury and provide you a much greater benefit of a good workout.

With the various designs and brands of barefoot shoes invading the market today, how will you know which shoes to choose for cross training and fitness? Since cross training involves the combination of different forms of exercises to stimulate the different parts of the body, you need to have a pair of barefoot shoes that would be able to give you the comfort and support to withstand the rigors of the different physical activities.

Know your type of feet

To ascertain what barefoot shoes to choose for fitness and cross training, you need to consider the kind of feet you have got. Since barely-there shoes gets you more in contact with the ground compared to traditional shoes, it is very important to determine the condition of your feet to obtain the right fit and shape of shoes. There are feet which are normal; others are pronated while others are supinated. You might not be familiar how to recognize what kind of feet you have thus you should go to a doctor who can observe you how you run or walk. The doctor can tell you what kind of feet you have and you can buy barefoot shoes that will suit your type of feet. You can also opt to visit a specialized store where the staffs are already trained to give you a hand in assessing what kind of feet you have and recommending the most suitable shoes for them.

Ascertain the kind of fitness and sports you engage in

Another factor to consider when selecting your shoes is the type of fitness you will engage in. The best barefoot shoes for fitness and cross training should depend on the kind of activity you will engage in. It is very expensive and quite impractical if you will purchase separate barefoot shoes such as New Balance or Vibram’s for every sports and fitness activity you do. It is highly recommended to get regular cross-trainer shoes for these activities. Cross training shoes can be utilized in almost all fitness activities but you would need a much different shoes for running. For the different cross training activities you need to have shoes that would give you stability, padding and more than adequate support for your feet and legs.

The right kind of shoe for the right type of feet

If you go for kickboxing you might need to go for cross trainer shoes which will provide you more lateral support. You can find additional information on this subject at this website. You need to have the proper form and balance when you engage in this fitness activity so as not to hurt yourself while involved in this very rigorous workout. For aerobics, you need to obtain barefoot shoes that will provide you more padding for your feet to do the rigors required of it. For running, you would need to buy barefoot shoes that would provide more flexibility for your feet, with enough room for your toe box to let them perform excellently, as feet are expected to perform. You would need a much lighter shoe for running, something which easily bends at the joints to allow your feet free movement, to make it perform better especially when running on more rugged surfaces and rough terrains.

You need to pay close, constant attention to your shoes for fitness and cross training. This is because your shoes will be subjected to wear and tear more than the rate an average shoe will incur. Through time, the shoes will lose their capacity to fully support your legs and feet, which might cause you some serious injury. For runner shoes, you might need to consider changing them often, or after incurring 400 to 600 mileage, especially if you use them almost every day.

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