How to Execute More Effective Push Ups

Let’s make today a fit Friday! What do you say?

Y’all know I love my beloved planks. They are the absolute best. So many variations can be done with them. I like to think of push ups as a plank variation, too. It is essentially a high plank that changes levels several times. You core should be continuously engaged and tight during a push up. See!? For women especially, push ups can be really tough, but what we should be aiming for is QUALITY, not QUANTITY. It’s not how many push ups you can do, but how effective the push up is at making you stronger.

So, check out the two pictures below and take on the challenge of executing more effective push ups:

Always keep your hands and wrists right in line with your shoulders. They shouldn’t be out too far, it makes your foundation off balance and makes it harder to push back up. Turn your wrists and palms out so that your weight and pressure is on the outside of your palms and not completely in your wrists. 

On your way down, look straight ahead and work on bringing your chest down first toward the floor. Lead with your chest. Go down as far as you can and push back up. Squeezing your elbows at your sides. 

BOOM! Bust out 10 of those and you’ve got yourself a variation of a more effective push up. This can be done the “modified” way as well (on your knees). Try it and let me know what you think!

Be Renewed!

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