November #MakingMoves Challenge Day 23: Front Lunge w/Twist

Moving right along, folks! I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! I know I did. Did you go out and do any Black Friday shopping? Well, while you’re standing in line this afternoon, burn some calories and tone those legs with the front lung and twist! This one’s very easy and engages your core and obliques when you twist. (I LOVE working my core! Can’t you tell?) Let’s do it!

Front Lung with Twist: Begin by standing straight up. Take one big step forward and lower down to the ground, into a lunge. Don’t let your back knee touch the floor! Twist your torso to the same side of your front leg. Bring your back leg forward to stand up, then lunge on the other side. That’s it! Try 20 on each side.

Be Renewed!

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