November #MakingMoves Challenge Day 9: Swinging Plank

We are moving right along, folks! Today is day 9 of the fitness challenge and I decided to bring back an oldie but a goodie. I posted this move (and a series of other moves) a few years ago as a part of a Christmas workout challenge. It’s been one of my favorite moves ever since! It’s a tough one that helps to tone your glutes (booty), hamstrings, and especially your core since it’s a plank move. Let’s try it!

Swinging Plank: Begin in plank position with your knees off the floor, body in a straight line with your shoulders. Immediately SWING one leg straight up off the floor, keeping your knees straight and hips down. Lift your leg up as far as you can go. Bring your leg back down behind you, but only tap your toe to the floor, then swing your leg out to the side. Bring your leg back behind you, tapping your toe to the ground, then repeat step 1, swinging your leg up. The pattern is: Swing up, tap, swing out, tap, swing up, tap, swing out, tap. Give me 20!

This one can start to feel a little messy or out of control after a few reps. The key is to hold a strong and tight core during this move and not to drop your hips. Pull your abdominals in and don’t forget to breathe! Let me see what you’ve got!

Be Renewed!

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