November #MakingMoves Fitness Challenge Day 13: Plank with Pockets

Nope! I didn’t forget! Today’s move is just a little late. But, better late than never, right? Here’s goes!

Plank with Pockets: This is a cool one! (And fairly less challenging than the other moves I’ve posted). Get into plank position. Spread your feet apart slightly so that you are nice and balanced. Bring one hand up behind you and touch your “back pocket” (your butt) – just tap it. Then come back down and IMMEDIATELY touch the other back pocket with your other hand (other side of your butt). One touch on each side equals 1 rep. You should be going back and forth touching each side of your butt and holding your plank. That’s all there is to it! Go for 20!

Keep going! Don’t give up on me!

Be Renewed!

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