November #MakingMoves Fitness Challenge Day 25: Plank Push-Ups

Day 25: Plank Push-Ups!

By now, you guys know I love core moves. The plank is one of the best moves for your core – EVER. Today’s move is a great variation to just your standard plank: The Plank Push-Up! This is easily executed in a few simple steps. It works not only your core, but your upper body as well. Especially your shoulders. Let’s get that core nice and strong with the Plank Push-Up!

Plank Push-Up: Begin in high plank (or push-up position). Hold for a few seconds and then get down into low plank by lowering down on your elbows. Keep your body straight and hips lifted. Immediately push yourself back up on your hands into push-up position, one side at a time. Repeat the move again by lowering down onto your elbows into plank. Remember to keep your core tight and body straight during this move. Keep your hips lifted. You can do it! Let’s go!

Be Renewed!

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