November #MakingMoves Fitness Challenge Day 6: Election Day V(ote)-Ups!

It’s Day 6 and we’re moving right along! What’s more important is that today is Election Day! I really hope you all got out to vote this morning or are planning to tonight. I pray this election turns out the best for everyone in this country. So… in honor of today’s buzz words (election, vote, ballot, etc.) I thought I’d make today’s move V(ote)-Ups! Or much better known as V-Ups. This move is intense and really takes some core strength so be patient with it and do your best. Remember, in this challenge, you are supposed to TRY and do 20 of each move. I know you can do it!

V-Ups: Begin by lying on your back and placing your hands on each side of your hips. Prop yourself up on your elbows and lift your legs off the floor, up toward the ceiling so that your body is in a “V” shape (top picture). Push yourself off your elbows and at the same time bring your knees toward your chest (bottom picture). Extend your legs back out (not down!) and come back down onto your elbows to begin again. That’s it!

Be Renewed!

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