Challenge: Let’s Have a Plank Party!

Let’s have a plank party!

I love planks. They are one of the toughest and most effective exercises for your core and the variations are endless! It also strengthens your shoulders, chest, back and quads. It’s so awesome! I try to do a plank a day in some way, shape or form to keep my core strong and tight. This week, I want to have a plank party! What’s a plank party, you ask? It’s my way of challenging you to join me in completing the above plank sequence at least one day this week. That’s it!

Here’s how it goes:

Plank w/pockets: Hold low plank and alternate touching your “pockets” 10 times each side

Side plank: Hold side plank for 30 seconds

Plank w/twist: Get in high plank and twist one knee toward the your opposite elbow. Alternate 10 times on each side

High plank: Hold high plank for 30 seconds

No break in between each move. Repeat the whole sequence twice!

Ready for the challenge!? Let’s have a plank party!

Be Renewed!

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