“Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter”: Free 6-Week Video Workout Series

Hey y’all!

The summer months will be here before we know it and most of us want to be able to look great in whatever we’re wearing out in the summer sun. Shirtless (this is for you too, fellas!), short-shorts, maxi dresses, cute tank tops, bikinis and swimsuits – we all want to wear our clothes confidently. So why not start now? Why wait until May or June to start working on gaining that confidence, getting that flat tummy or shaping up those arms. Start in the winter! There are so many opportunities to make this winter a productive one. And I want to help you reach your goals.

So… I am extremely excited to announce my next adventure on the fitness path, which is to offer YOU a FREE 6-week video workout series called “Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter” starting February 4th. Yaaaaayyyy!!! What will you get when you sign up? Check it out:

  • 6 weeks worth of calorie-burning, metabolism boosting, body shaping workouts you can do with little or no equipment at all.
  • basic meal planning, nutrition tips and advice on eating a clean, balanced diet (there may be a meal plan or two thrown in there!)
  • PDF file links for each workout so you can print them out if you want!
  • motivation and inspiration to keep you focused
  • quick and easy recipes
  • lifestyle tips for getting and staying organized, prepped and prepared for each week
Cool, huh!?

The truth is, immediate results from any workout routine or series is virtually impossible. It takes at least a few weeks for your body to adjust to the exercise and start to change (and also for you to SEE the change). It also takes some discipline with your nutrition. You can’t workout hard and eat whatever you want. If you want your body to change, slim down or build muscle you’ve got to eat clean.

The 6-week video workout series will start February 4th. Perfect timing for starting over on your new year’s resolutions or fitness goals. Each video will be posted on YouTube via the Renewed Fitness channel (also subscribe there!), BUT if you sign up through the link below, you will have first dibs on the videos, nutrition tips and workout print-outs because they’ll be sent directly to your email. If you need a fresh start, sign up! If want more versatility with your workouts, sign up! If you’re ready to get your sweat on and change your body for the better, sign up! Spread the word and tell your friends and family!

Be Renewed!

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