Drymax Run Lite-Mesh Mini Crew Socks Rose

Product Review: Drymax Running Socks

Do you ever have that problem where you buy socks in your size and then once you wear them, you realize they were made for Lady Bigfoot or someone with 6 toes and a heel the size of a grapefruit?

Problem solved: Drymax Running Lite-Mesh Socks.

Drymax Run Lite-Mesh Mini Crew SocksNormally I get my socks from stealing them from someone’s clothes’ line or having my grandma knit them Ross, a 6 pack for like $5.  And before I know it, said socks could fit Shaq’s feet.

These Drymax socks are awesome; they will rock your socks off.  Wow, that was quite possibly the lamest thing I’ve said.  today.  They are very thin and very tight especially around your arch.  They don’t do the slip ‘n’ slide like alot of socks do.  Here’s some of the features:

  • Flat toe seam so no bulky bunching up front
  • Breathable mesh so less stank and sweat
  • Vented arch band so less sweat
  • Protective padding on the heel
  • Smooth top of the sock to accentuate those lovely ankles, cankles, tribal ankle tattoo, what have you

Because these are tightly fitted and breathe so easily, you won’t get blisters as much and your feet will stay a lot dryer which means less friction.  Since having them, I’ve only had 1 blood blister.  Given the state of my feet, that’s pretty amazing.  Normally my peds look like a cannibal took a hamburger grinder to them.

I’d recommend these socks to anyone… who has feet.  The one negative is the price; I bought 3 pairs online for about $7 a piece so that’s a little pricey for foot covers, but they’re the only socks I wear for running now.

The only bummer is now I have a drawer full of gorilla-sized socks that are stretched out more than Jack Black in Kate Moss’ skinny jeans.

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