Can You Train for a Marathon with a Bad Back?

I’m depressed. Boston training starts this coming week and I can’t even run. I pulled my back last weekend and it’s apparently going to take 4 – 6 weeks to heal.

Boston Jacket

Boston Jacket

I think I’m still in denial. I somehow think that in a few days, it will feel so much better and it won’t hurt like hell to start pounding out the miles needed to train properly for a marathon…… And it’s not just any marathon.  Of course, it has to be Boston.  Why couldn’t this have happened before Twin Cities instead?

A friend just sent me a photo of this year’s Boston jacket.  How ugly!  Does anyone actually like this?  I would have thought they would have gone all out this year on designing something that people actually like. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

For now, all I can do is low impact cardio.  Why does it have to be swimming that is so good for you when you have any kind of injury?  I hate swimming.  It’s mind numbing swimming lengths back and forth.  I suppose the hot tub afterwards though will be rather nice.  Yes, I’ll look forward to that.

And then there’s pool running.  Apparently it’s all the rage.  I haven’t tried it yet. I hear it’s more mind numbing than swimming.  Fabulous. It’s times like this that I wish there was a way to send thoughts wirelessly to the cloud. That way, I could get things done in my head while working out. I could write blog posts, I could make my shopping list, heck, I could even work. That’s me, always trying to optimize every minute spent.  If I’m bored, I feel like I’m not making the best use of my time (because there’s so little of it available).

Alright then, I have to stop this. I’m starting to feel like Karl Pilkington with all this feeling sorry for myself. I do feel better now that I had a bit of a moan though!

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